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The Arundel Community Bus.

Hail And Ride Around Arundel.

What is The Arundel Community Bus?

The Arundel Community Bus is supplied by the West Sussex County Council for the use by residents of the Arundel community and is operated by ACCT. This is a 'hail and ride' bus service operating on a fixed route through Arundel, Crossbush, Ford and Poling every Tuesday and Thursday morning. The bus is driven by one of our own volunteer drivers who pick up passengers from the designated bus stops along the route. The vehicle can also be hired by other groups, clubs or organisations when not in use on the service run. To enquire about booking the bus please contact ACCT directly on 01903 723584.

Arundel Bus FAQ

No, just make sure you are at one of the nominated bus stops on the route and hop on and off when you're ready.

The cost of a single fare is 80p for an adult and both child or concessionary fare cost is just 45p. Single only tickets  are issued and there are no return tickets available. Bus passes are also accepted and all fares must be paid in cash.

The Hail and Ride service operates every Tuesday and Thursday morning between 9am and midday.

Arundel Bus Timetable.

Name of StopDepartsDepartsDepartsDepartsOnly if req'd.
Arundel, o/s Warwick Court08:5610:05   10:2710:5812:11
Arundel, adj Green Lane Close     08:5810:0710:2911:0012:13
Arundel Jarvis Road (S-bound)   09:00 10:10 10:3111:0212:15
Arundel Pearson Road (SE-bound)     09:0110:1110:3311:0412:17
Arundel Torton Hill Road (SW-bound)     09:0210:1210:3411:0512:18
Arundel Dalloway Road (SW-bound)     09:0310:1210:3411:0512:18
Arundel, adj Oak End    09:0410:1310:3511:06 12:19
Arundel Stewards Rise (SE-bound)    09:0510:1410:3611:07 12:20
Arundel Wood View (NE-bound)    09:06 10:1710:3711:0812:21
Arundel Ford Road Roundabout (NE-bound)   09:08 10:2010:3811:09 -
Arundel, opp St Marys Gate    09:1110:2210:4111:10-
Arundel, o/s Norfolk Arms    09:1210:2410:4211:11-
Arundel Queen Street (SE-bound)  09:12--11:11-
Arundel, opp Railway Station 09:14 --11:13-
Crossbush, adj Convent of Poor Clares 09:20 --11:19-
Arundel, adj Railway Station 09:26----
Arundel River-bank (W-bound) 09:30 --11:30-
Arundel Queen Street (SE-bound)  09:34--11:34-
Arundel Fitzalan Road (SW-bound) 09:36 --11:36-
Arundel Queen Street (NW-bound) 09:38 --11:38-
Arundel River-bank (W-bound)    09:43--11:43-
Arundel, opp Railway Station 09:49----
Arundel, opp Library  10:00--11:46-
Arundel, opp Railway Station ---11:49-
Arundel, o/s Warwick Court  10:0510:27---

The Bus timetable is available to download for your convenience using the button below. Please note that times shown in red will only be operated if a return journey is requested to the driver on the day of travel. If no return journeys are required, the bus will remain at the Riverside stop available to run locally as requested, until 12:04 that day. While every effort is made to remain on time, traffic conditions and weather may affect actual timings.

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