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Dial-A-Ride Hire Information

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully as this may affect your decision on whether you travel with us.

We would ask when hiring any of our Dial-A-rides that as much information as possible is given in order for us to provide you with both an accurate quote and the correct vehicle for your journey.

Please ensure the Wheelchair is secured properly before you travel. If in doubt about how to use this specialised vehicle please ask a member of our team to show you before leaving our premises.

Should you have any specific requirements these can be discussed at the time of application.

Please note, that in the event of an accident the hirer will be liable for £250.00 towards the cost of repair.

In the event of a cancellation and the charity is not notified an invoice will be issued for the full amount of the cost of the fare plus an additional £1.50 for an administration fee.

ACCT maintains a no smoking, no alcohol or eating policy in all our vehicles at all times.

The charity reserves the right to refuse transport to anyone that is under the influence of alcohol or drug abuse or that are deemed to be unfit through illness.

All prices are correct as of 1st April 2017.