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Can You Help Us?

Today a great deal of charities are suffering financially, either by cuts in funding by local councils or imposed by government spending. Here at ACCT we are no different. Recent withdrawal of funding and soaring fuel costs has had a huge impact on our resources. Without the grants funding it would be highly unlikely we would be unable to carry out this essential service.

This Is Where You Could Help.

For the charity to continue, it has meant exploring additional avenues in terms of finance and resources and one important resource we now rely on is donations. If you feel you are able to donate either as a business, a club, an organization or as an individual you can support us in this worthy cause. 

How to Donate

You can donate by post using the postal address below or pay direct into our bank. Your donation can even attract gift aid as long as certain criteria are met!

Alternatively, you can donate using the donate button below. This will take you to our Just Giving Webpage where you can donate direct or even fundraise for us..