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October Update

By Chris Jones posted November 8th, 2017

The month of October has been very busy for all at ACCT with a number of changes both in and outside the office. Outside the offices, the long process of the merger between ACCT and Sammy from Bognor and was finally finished in June with some of the final transfers taking place right into the month of September, making us a fully merged charity with offices based in the Rudford Industrial Estate in Ford and Chichester Road in Bognor.

Inside the offices, we welcome two new Transport Co-ordinators, Bob Dolphin who is based at our Ford Office and Shelley Rimington who is based at our Bogor Office. Both Bob and Shelley come from different work related backgrounds but both are full of enthusiasm and new ideas which will help to take the charity forward and we wish them both well in their new job roles. Also joining our two new colleagues we have appointed a new part time minibus driver for our Shopping Bus service and so we welcome to Jamie Sinfield who is only our second paid driver. Looking at a statistic like that, shows how much we rely on our incredible volunteers and this in itself is a testament to their dedication and generosity.

To make best use of our team based in our Ford office we also have new office hours which means we are now open from 08:30 to 13:30 Monday to Friday only. However, you can still call the office outside of these hours as a brand new phone system has been installed which now has answer machine capabilities. This means you are now able to leave messages and one of our team will call you back on their return to the office.

Still with happenings inside the offices: the newly merged charity had decided some months ago, to embrace a new method of working called Cloud Technology. This meant that both offices moved all their office documentation, applications and day to day computing to the cloud, which, to the likes of you and I, are computers based somewhere on the internet. This means that now both offices have secure, encrypted access to each offices’ documentation, data and information and our teams can now work from anywhere and from either office with complete peace of mind, knowing they will not miss that vital bit of information just when they needed it! So, it’s a huge thanks to the Focus Group based in Hove for ensuring our move to the cloud for both our phones and computers went so smoothly.

It was an honour to be involved with the Littlehampton Bonfire Parade again this year. The charity was represented by our Ford Office by entering one of our minibuses and all the members of the team who attended, dressed as ghosts and ghouls to help collect for this worthwhile cause.

Finally, we had to say a few goodbyes this month. Firstly, to Linda Kimber who has worked in our Ford Office for nearly thirteen years and decided to leave us and seek pastures new and to also enjoy a bit of quality free time so we wish her well. And on a sad note, we also had to say our goodbyes to two long standing clients of ours who sadly passed away. They were Maud Allen and Monica Davies who were both well loved by all our drivers and staff at the Ford Office and both will be sadly missed.

We now look forward to another busy month with new challenges and we’ll keep you updated with any new changes.

ACCT and Sammy Community Transport Merge.

Over the last few months ACCT and SAMMY Community Transport (SCT) have been working towards merging these two important locally based Community Transport charities. We are pleased to announce that the merger was confirmed as of last Monday, the 5th June 2017. The merging of the two charities makes the newly merged charity the second largest provider of Community Transport in West Sussex and will now provide transport cover along the South Coast from Portsmouth to Brighton. 

This merger will not affect either ACCT or SCT clients in any way or the services currently provided by the respective charities. As with all new ventures there will be some organisational changes in the days and months to come but we envisage these changes will only improve, expand and strengthen the services we currently provide. As these changes happen we will announce them through our various media channels and of course, here on our website. If you would like more details or further information then please feel free to call us on 01903 723584 or email us on