Please read the following terms and conditions carefully as this may affect your decision on whether you travel with us.

For those clients who wish to reclaim their expenses and need treatment by hospitals, dentists or other medical facilities not covered by the scheme, they may find they are able to reclaim some, if not all, of the expense back if they are in receipt of certain benefits.

In these circumstances the client should enquire at the appropriate medical or government department. However, due to recent government policy some clients’ who have claimed their travel costs in the past, may find that they cannot reclaim all of the actual cost back. Please beware that it is the client's responsibility to present the appropriate benefits information, the appointments letter and a copy of our job sheet to the appropriate claims department.

We regret ACCT are unable to advise in such cases and would remind all clients that it is the responsibility of the client to pay the driver and then reclaim their expenses at a later date.

If the booking is to attend an appointment where a long delay may be expected, please advise our staff when booking as it may incur an extra cost.

In the event of a cancellation and the charity is not notified an invoice will be issued for the full amount of the cost of the fare plus an additional £1.50 for an administration fee.

The charity reserves the right to refuse transport to anyone that is under the influence of alcohol or drug abuse or that are deemed to be unfit through illness

All prices are correct as of 1st July 2016.

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