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Help Us To Help Our Community

In these times of economic downturns and financial constraints one of the most affected organisations, both in terms of finance and resources, are charities. A great deal of charities today are suffering financially, either by cuts in funding by local councils, imposed by government spending or by the charities own patrons being unable to donate as much as they would like because of their own financial constraints.

Here at ACCT we are no different. Recent withdrawal of funding and soaring fuel costs has had a huge impact on our resources and for us to continue, it has meant exploring additional avenues in terms of finance and resources. However, one other important part we rely on, is donations. Without both the funding and donations we would be unable to carry out this very essential service. This is where you could help. If you feel you are able to donate either as a business, a club, an organization or, as an individual, (where your donation will attract gift aid as long as certain criteria are met), you can support us in this worthy cause. You can now donate by credit or debit card using the PayPal service below or by sending a cheque or postal order to the following address:

Arun Co-Ordinated Community Transport

We are very grateful to those who already donate and support us and of course, to all our volunteers who make such a contribution by donating so much of their valuable time, so thank you to all for the continued support.